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What’s new in the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance release

What’s new or changed in Dynamics 365 Finance 10.0.30 (November 2022)

This article lists features that are new or changed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance version 10.0.30. This version has a build number of 10.0.1362 and is available on the following schedule:

  • Preview of release: September 2022
  • General availability of release (self-update): October 2022
  • General availability of release (auto-update): November 2022

Features included in this release

The following table lists the features that are included in this release. We might update this article to include features that made it into the build after this article was initially published.

Feature area Feature More information Enabled by
Accounts receivable Free text invoice posting improvement for totals calculation Performance improvements have been added to the free text invoice posting to enable it to run more efficiently. This enhancement works by saving calculated totals instead of recalculating the totals multiple times during the posting process. Therefore, the posting process will be shorter. Feature management
General ledger Enhanced performance for source document accounting framework Performance improvements have been added to batch posting of source documents to enable it to run more efficiently. This feature will initially affect only batch posting of free text invoices. However, more source documents will be supported in future releases. When this feature is enabled, batch posting is split into smaller units of work to help prevent system degradation and reduce the chance of issues that are caused by database disconnections. Feature management

Feature enhancements included in this release

The following table lists the feature enhancements that are included in this release. Each of these enhancements provides an incremental improvement to an existing feature. Because they are only enhancements, they aren’t listed in the release plan.

Feature area Feature name More information
Credit and collections Display the Known as field on the All customers page This feature provides a way to view all fields on the General FastTab without having to select the Show more fields button. The Known as and Phonetic name fields will always be shown. These fields can now be added to the All customers list view page and remain in the list view.
Globalization (ER) Embed images in Excel documents Electronic reporting (ER) configurations can be designed to generate business documents in Excel format, based on an Excel template that contains an embedded image that has custom scaling and a custom aspect ratio. At runtime, this image is used as a placeholder for a picture in a generated business document. This improvement lets you consider the actual scaling and aspect ratio of images that are used at runtime when they are added to generated documents.
Globalization (ER) Inspect configured components You can validate every configured ER format and model mapping component at design time. During this validation, a consistency check runs to help prevent runtime issues that might occur. This improvement lets you detect any application artifacts (such as tables, classes, and methods) that have been marked as obsolete in the application code but are referred to in the evaluated ER component. You can use this information to revise the design of the evaluated ER component and remove references to obsolete artifacts before those artifacts are removed from the application code. In this way, the improvement helps prevent issues at runtime.
Globalization (ER) Formula designer The ER formula editor lets you describe the data binding, control the process flow, specify the data formatting, and perform other tasks by using various data sources. This editor can use the relative path to describe the location of any formula of a structured data source. This improvement lets you reveal the editable formula in the data source pane, among all available data sources, in one click. Therefore, you can quickly visualize the base element of the editable formula, observe its sibling elements, and use all this information in the formula as required.

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